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This isn't anything fancy. ^^;; Just wanted one location that I could put up a note saying "Hey, something came up, so I have to put my fanlisting updates on hold." And that's basically what this is. But I get to link all my fanlistings as well. XP

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The Listings

All About Lily Chou-Chou All About Lily Chou-Chou, a Japanese film about middle school-aged kids in their messed up society.
opened 20 May, 2003
The Cardigans The Cardigans, an amazing, wonderful band from Sweden. My prized fanlisting! XD
opened 24 April, 2005
Camille Claudel Camille Claudel, the French artist known for her relationship with Auguste Rodin, in addition to her remarkable sculptures and her tragic end.
opened 19 July, 2008
Bevery Cleary Beverly Cleary, the beloved children's author of many wonderful books, including but not limited to the Ramona Quimby series, the Henry Huggins series, and the Ralph S. Mouse trilogy.
opened 8 September, 2003
Shall We Dansu? Shall We Dansu? a movie from Japan about a middle-aged man with a deskjob during a midlife crisis.
opened 19 April, 2003
L.A. Drivers Fanlisting showing my appreciation for good drivers in L.A. Just having a little fun, hehe.
opened 10 May, 2005
Lisa Loeb Lisa Loeb, a talented singer/songwriter, probably most well-known for her hit single, "Stay (I Missed You)." Or her glasses. :b
opened 10 September, 2003
Kouda Mikako Mikako Kouda, a character from the manga Gokinjo Monogatari. Her dream is to be a fashion designer for her own clothing line named Happy Berry.
opened 6 May, 2007
Sakurada Miwako Miwako Sakurada, a character from the manga Paradise Kiss. She's cute, loving, and has great fashion sense. What more can you want?
opened 29 October, 2003
mochi Mochi, the Japanese dish made from pounded sweet rice in mochtsuki ceremonies, and most eaten during the New Year.
opened 7 May, 2004
Tampopo Tampopo, a movie about the quest for the perfect bowl of ramen. And a couple random food-related side stories.
opened 6 June, 2003

adopted out

Gran Turismo Gran Turismo, the fourth album recorded by The Cardigans. Includes the song with the music video that MTV wouldn't air unedited.
opened 26 June, 2003, handed off August 6, 2008
Super Extra Gravity Super Extra Gravity, the Cardigans' latest album! Includes the single I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to Be Nicer.
opened 31 January, 2006, handed off August 6, 2008


Hachimitsu boro Hachimitsu boro, or "honey ball," or as I knew it as a child, just plain boro, from Japan. Mmmmmm, boro...
opened 30 April, 2006
Erika Sakurazawa Erika Sakurazawa, the manga-ka of many lovely josei manga stories, such as Angel, and Nothing But Loving You.
opened 27 February, 2004
Flower Drum Song Flower Drum Song, a novel by C. Y. Lee and a movie written by Rodgers and Hammerstein about Chinese Americans in Chinatown trying to find love.
Just a Dream, by Chris Van Allsburg Just a Dream, a children's book written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg, following a boy through one night's dreams of an ominous future where pollution and abuse of land have ruined Earth.
opened 7 September, 2008
Knott's Berry Farm Knott's Berry Farm, America's first theme park, located in Southern California and home to attractions from Ghostrider and Perilous Plunge to Mrs. Knott's chicken and boysenberry products.
opened 29 June, 2006
Rajio no jikan Rajio no jikan. How do I summarize it in one line? It is a romp, and you must see it.
opened 13 October, 2007
Emmerdale Emmerdale, the first album recorded by the Swedish pop band, The Cardigans.
opened 16 August, 2003
First Band on the Moon First Band on the Moon, the third album recorded by The Cardigans. Includes the "one-hit wonder" single, Lovefool.
opened 26 July, 2003
Other Side of the Moon Other Side of the Moon, an album consisting of The Cardigans' b-sides and first tries, released in Japan.
opened 30 July, 2003