Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers all fanlistings residing on

Data Gathered

As per, your information required for you to join a fanlisting as a member is the following:

Any other information submitted is up to the discretion of the member joining.

Data Usage

Member information is displayed in a list along with other fans of the subject of the fanlisting.

E-mail will be used to contact members in the case of fanlisting news such as closure of the fanlisting or other major updates. Joining a fanlisting may result in an e-mail if you opt for your information to be sent to you.

Data Storage and Transfer

All data is stored in a database that only I and my website host have access to (if I require technical support). If you submit a password, I have no access to that data. Password resets can be requested through a form on each fanlisting and sent to your e-mail on file.

If I adopt out a fanlisting, you will be notified by e-mail before the database is transferred to the new fanlisting owner, who may provide their own privacy policy.

Data Rights

You are free at any time to submit a member update form to modify your information. Old information may be stored in site backups for no longer than one year.


If you want to delete your member information please contact me.