L.A. Drivers fanlisting

This is a fanlisting for the good drivers in L.A. Or, rather, the "insane" drivers, according to tourists? :P

last updated: July 1, 2024
part of: The Fanlistings and iat

Why in the world did I create a fanlisting for drivers of a location who are known for their, uh, tendency to go so fast? I was driving one day, and there was a driver in front of me who drove in a speedy (but not unsafe) fashion. I thought to myself, 'I love it when drivers actually go through the green arrow when they get there,' instead of slowing down sooo much, thus lessening the number of cars who were able to make it through the signal. In LA, "the car capital of the world," it's preferrable if one doesn't take their sweet old time on the road, when there are so many more cars who need to get by as well. I decided to make this site to show my love for my favorite drivers on the road. ^_^

rules: appreciate considerate LA drivers. provide your name and your country of residence to be added to the list. If you want your website listed, link back to this site in a easily accessible place on your site.

join: Send me an e-mail with the following information (* required):
site url:

codes: I haven't made any, since I don't believe anyone else would join. ehehe. A text link works. But if people start joining, I'll make some...

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