LJ graphics by Jeidai


This site is where I display the old graphics I've made (for myself or someone else) so others could use it. Feel free to look around. Don't forget to read the terms of use.


22 Aug 09 Right. I haven't updated this place in a long time. Added some icons under comics. I should really rework the navigation of this site. Blegh. Also should upload old Amy Lee icons I've made...

21 Jun 08 okay so maybe the facelift was more visible than I thought...

4 Jun 08 ugh, the only thing wrong with improving knowledge in XHTML, CSS, and web accessibility is realizing how shoddily one's old sites are coded. another "internal non-visible facelift time." also uploaded a few old icons. also deleted icons not even my mother could love.

22 Oct 07 one new (old) layout, one new (old) header, all pages on this site should validate now. XD;

28 Jan 07 um, I don't know if the comment form wasn't working before, but it definitely works now! ahaha. new header, some new icons.

25 Sep 06 new (sorta) header uploaded