My first site, located at, was about an amusement park my relatives and I were working on, Anime Land ©, opened summer of 2000. But I didn't have the will to keep it up, so I changed it to a site that housed my collection of quotes, and I moved it to Geocities, because I couldn't remember the peoplemediaone url. ^_^; It was called Jedi Rei's Page, or some such thing. The "quotes" consisted mainly of poems I'd collected (stolen ^.^) from around the internet.

Since I couldn't copy and paste in the pagebuilder, I used Geocities for the front of the site, and had links to pages on peoplemediaone where my quotes were. I changed the name of the site to Tsuru Hime no Hilenaycee (a word I made up when I couldn't fall asleep). The layout wasn't that bad, a cloud background with text, it just wasn't anything spectacular.

I got fed up with not being able to paste text, so I moved my site back to peoplemediaone December, 2000, and renamed the site again to A Walk Through the Forest of Infinite Land and Time. Why? Because I felt like being odd and having a really long site title, so I came up with that junk. :b I also added three other sections: my artwork, my written works, and a personal page. The layout was really odd. It had a forest background that I cropped off a Princess Mononoke image, and light-yet-rich blue text with pale purple links, in Arial Rounded MT Bold. *gags at the font*

After I learned my lesson of not using background images, I made the background navy blue and the text a light cool blue, links deep blue, visited links light violet. The site got another name change, Moonlit Walk, soon afterward changed to Moonlit Dreaming, with each section being called "Bathe in the Moonlight" (quotes), "Moonlit Dreamer" (personal) and "Moonlit Walk" (art and fiction, I think). I made a splash page to hold the site counter. In the upper left was the title of the site in font size 12 with little · things between each letter, later with *s between each letter. The middle image was whatever I felt like having up, Van Fanel, the moon with a poem I wrote, the moon and stars, Sailor Mars. In the lower right was whichever quote that was tickling my fancy at the time. I made little graphics for the main page that led to each site; moonlight shining on the ground for hilenaycee, a sakura flower (and later an eye wrapped in plastic, "Eye Candy") for my art, yellowed parchment for my fiction, and a book for my personal page.

I forget when I changed the site name for the last time (perhaps around late March or early April?), but early July, 2001, I decided to add links to my other sites (I think they were PIMWIB and Meilin girl) and put up a layout I made using a picture I found when I was bored. I continued working on my site in that manner and realized it was becoming a collective, something I didn't want. Fussing, grumbling, and musing for the rest of the month, I accepted the change and slowly the site grew.

Then the middle of January 2002 AT&T contacts me and says they're moving everything on [including my e-mail and site] to ¬_¬ But at least I finally got my domain, ^_^

Move ahead to August and September of the same year, and that was where I had to stop paying so much attention to it because of the start of college. Not like I was doing much with it anyway. >.< So from there to about November I gradually lost interest, closing down sites and such. I kept thinking more and more about getting a blog domain, even more personal than But I'd blown so much money on the first domain that I was certain my parents would say no. Eventually I got tired enough of it and gathered up my courage to ask. The answer was no at first, of course, but I got it still. :b Then I was in a jam. What do I do with Inconsistent Angel Things? I decided to close the former (but keep the domain ^_~) and keep the latter for sentimental reasons.

Being the fickle person that I am, I moved IAT back to several months later. x_x;;

(When was the above written? This html document was last modifed on October 23, 2008, at 6 PM...)

I don't remember the history or timeline of all the websites I ever created, uploaded, or attempted. However, another major milestone of IAT was when I got into fanlistings, around early 2003. I opened my first fanlisting (for Shall We Dansu?) in March 2003. [July 2020]