Guinea Garden

Stimpy Stimpy J. Pig (sometimes called Stinky) was named after Stimpy J. Cat. ^_^; My brother, M88, wanted him because N and I were getting our own guinea pig, and he didn't want to not own something that the two of us had. Mommy and I sometimes wonder why he chose Stimpy, because Stimpy was infected with ringworm at the time. Augh.

Stimpy was an albino guinea pig, and a very cool one at that. He was very calm and a nice lap piggie. ^_^ His favorite food was carrots.

After we spent over $40 to cure him, he became the father of two guinea pigs, Pinky and Flower, both albinos. Heh. M88 was afraid of his claws (which were less sharp than Buba's, I don't know what he was crying about). My dad adored Stimpy. He'd hold the pig on his stomach and just breathe in and out, making Stimpy rise and sink.

Once Stimpy got in a fight with Pinky, and Mum got antibiotics for the deep gash on his side. Soon after that he took sick and wouldn't eat. As he was dying Mum said it was because of malocclusion, or misalignment of the teeth, but now she thinks it was because of the antibiotics, even though half the guinea pigs sites out there say it's safe. We'll never really know.