Guinea Garden

Snowflake, aka Nonay, Snowy River (or Yellow Snowy River ...), was owned by my brother whom I refer to as "N." He got her for Christmas, same as I did with Buba. He'd wanted a rabbit, but my mom is allergic to them, so he decided to get a piggie because I was getting one.

She looked similar to Buba, a sheltie, although she was more creme colored. Also, she was very, very tiny. Her favorite food was ... water? ^.^;;; I don't remember her having a favorite food. Unless it was cucumber....

Snowflake was our little piggie mama, having two litters, one with two pups (Pinky and Flower) and the other with three pups (Cherry, Saspirla, and Wilbur). The first time we didn't know she was a sow, so Stimpy was the first to get to her in the community cage. The second litter was fathered by Stimpy as well; he managed to escape his cage. (Boo, I wanted Buba piggies!)

Later she became really thin and would only drink water (lots of it at that), so Mum and I took her in and found she had some sort of blockage in her throat, and a problem with one of her organs. We (err, my mom, really ... :x) spent a lot of time after that syringe-feeding her veggie baby food.

I forget the exact time she died, but it was before we bought Girl Girl and Electricity (of course), some time around 3:00 in the afternoon ... maybe. I found her in the cage, all stiff and frozen in a struggling position. Yuck. Mum thinks Root Beer accidentally ran her over or something and it strained Nonay. She was 2½ years old.