Guinea Garden

Pinky (sometimes called Pinkerton by me) was born either the night before or the morning of St. Patrick's Day, 1994, with his sister Flower. My brother named him after that mouse in Pinky and the Brain.

Pinky wasn't a friendly guinea pig. :( He didn't bite us, exactly, but he didn't come running out of his hutch to greet us, either. His favorite food was carrots.

He also became a wanderer later in his life. Mommy had a heck of a time making a cage cover (with a latch that couldn't be opened by earnest piggies O.O) for him and J.T. We would randomly see him wandering around the room. Luckily he never left the room his cage was in.

Pinky was a fighter, and a mean one at that. He wasn't very good, but he still attacked a lot. :/ The first time he fought with Buba he got a cut on his left eye that didn't heal right, so one chunk of eyelid was lower than the other side. Another time he fought with Buba (escaping from his cage, grr), I tried to break it up but forgot to grab a book to stick between the two. Ugh. Buba accidentally bit into the skin between my right thumb and forefinger. Man, did he go flying. Umm, wait, this is Pinky's bio. ^_^;;

Okay anyway, he died on June 29, 2000, or the night before. He was 6 years and 3 months old. Older than Buba. (Boo. hehe.)