Guinea Garden

Pigtre Pigtre ... was I-forget-whose daughter ... Amidala's? Well anyway, I got her from my cousin Noelle and her family, to kind of replace Buba. She was a golden agouti (my first!). She was born some time during the spring of 2000.

The little booger was a fatpig, stealing food from Girl Girl. She also bit Girl Girl a couple of times, as far as I know, maybe she bit her more. ;_; I have no idea why she did that. Maybe some sort of power struggle, heh.

I remember when Padme was about her age, she bit Girl Girl too. After that it seemed like Padme was the boss. But when we got Pigtre, Girl Girl was the top pig again. I have no idea. Well, after that, it seemed like the ranking was Pigtre on top and Girl Girl and Padme at pretty much the same level.

Her name came from Jaina Solo, in Star Wars novels (her brother was supposed to be named Jacen; Noelle came up with that); Quatre Raberba Winner, Gundam Wing (she's a pig, not a quat, haha); and Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing.

She died on January 18, 2003. We think it was from the same thing that Amidala died from. Her sides were awfully rounded, like a pear, and yet after a while her ribcage area was really thin. My mom and aunt keep saying maybe it was intestinal blockage, or something.

Pigtre Pigtre