Guinea Garden

Padme Padmé Mojo Jojo, or Padme for short, was someone's daughter ... I forget whose ... Amidala? She had such an odd name because Mommy wanted to name her after the monkey in Power Puff Girls (she thought it was a cute name) and I wanted to name her after the character in the Star Wars Movie. *grin*

She had a mohawk on her head, and black hair with a burnt brown colored band going halfway around her neck. She didn't really like me at first because I would always brush her hair back flat. ^_^; Hey, I learned to stop, after a while. So I guess she either tolerated me after that or actually started to like me.

By this time I spent less time with guinea pigs, so I didn't really know what kind of personality she had.

I forget when Padme died. x_x Awful of me. But it was a while after Pigtre died ... maybe March–April of 2003 some time. I guess I should say she died from old age. Or something. But she ate. Or tried to eat, anyway. She couldn't bite with her front teeth very well. Mum said maybe it was because her molars got too large or something, so she couldn't close her jaw enough. We chopped up her food for her, and she ate a bit. She ate all the way up to her death. She was very very skinny when she died. She was so skinny you could feel a lot of her bones and everying.

Her back was arched, too, and she couldn't really move her back legs very well. She kind of waddled. Is that arthritis? I wouldn't really know. I never knew guinea pigs could get arthritis.