Guinea Garden

J.T. We got J.T., aka Kanga or Jayjo, sometime around Christmas of 1995. One of my classmates had bought him, but she was afraid of his claws, and he was a bit hyperactive. ^.^ She found out we had guinea pigs, so she asked if I'd take him, and everything else is a blur.

We went to her house to get him, and they were keeping him in a glass fish tank, which he was somehow able to jump out of twice (amazing, because it was a tall tank o.o).

We named him J.T. after my classmate. My mom called him Kanga because he would jump really high, like kangaroos.

At first we thought he was a she, but the guinea girls didn't like him, so we eventually discovered he was male.

J.T. looked like a wild guinea pig as a pup (reaaaaalllly long nose), but as he aged his nose shrunk or something. He had tortoiseshell colorings, loosing the "grid" as he aged. His favorite food was carrots.

Like Pinky (moreso), he would jump out of his cage and go wandering. We really had our suspicions that he was a wild guinea pig, he was so much more active than our other pigs. He slowed down in his later years though.

Jayjo got along really well with Wilbur in the beginning, but later they got into disagreements, so they got their own cages. ^_^;

J.T. died October 15, 2001 around 10 pm, at close to six years old. My mom said he probably died from cancer or kidney failure, because the previous night he had a full stomach.