Guinea Garden

Girl Girl pig Snowflake II.2, aka Super Chicken (an early nickname), Pepsi, Gwendolyn, Gwennie, Sweet Pea, and lately Girl Girl and Guinea Girl, was bought with Electricity to replace the wonderful Snowflake.

Girl Girl was a long-haired Absynnian (a mix between Absynnian and Peruvian???) with white and light and dark brown hair. If she sounds similar to Root Beer, that's because they seem to be related. Mum admits we did buy the two at the same pet store, but we'll never know ... *Twilight Zone music plays*

Girl Girl was a very floppy piggie, just like her supposed sister. I would prop her up on her back, leaning against my legs, and she didn't struggle. She was so cute! But her long hair got in the way a bit. Heh, Mum said she was an old movie star guinea pig, with the flirty lock of hair over her forehead. Her favorite food was lettuce. Num!

She died June 28, 2002, sometime around 11:15 pm. Mum said it was a heart attack, and that she was just old, because she didn't seem sick before. She was our oldest pig, at six years and four or five months!