Guinea Garden

Snowflake II, aka Electricity, was bought for N because Snowflake died. Heh, we explained to Mum, "Snowflake was such a good piggie we have to buy two to replace her!" She was called Electricity firstly because my mom wasn't a fan of the unoriginality of "Snowflake II" and also because she was our first Absynnian pig and her hair looked "shocking."

Electricity originally belonged to a guy who worked at the store but was in college, and the dorm room wouldn't allow pets, or he had no time, I don't know, but either way he returned her to the store, and when we bought her, he said his goodbyes. "Be a good pig, now." Aww, so sweet!

Electricity was an Absynnian with black/dark brown hair, and white hairs throughout. She didn't get along very well with Root Beer and Girl Girl, so she got her own cage. I don't think she liked us much. :/

I forget when she died, maybe wintertime. I found her with her nose buried in the corner of her cage one morning. I'd thought that she was cold the night before, so I placed a book on top of her cage in an attempt to keep her warm. (There was about 4 or 5 in² of open space, but obviously that wasn't enough...)