Guinea Garden

M88 got Coca Cola, whom I called Coca babe, from our cousins because Stimpy died. Coca Cola was the son of Cookies 'n Creme, I think. His brothers were named Puff and Piglet.

M88 named him after the soda because N named his guinea pig (Girl Girl) after his favorite cola, and with their rivalry going ... *shakes head* Oddly enough, my cousin renamed him Pepsi. (Almost as bad as switching from Chevy to Ford ... or vice versa.)

Coca babe lived with Wilbur until he was rudely taken away by some lady whom I'll call Mother, because she felt Coca Cola missed his brothers and would do better back with them. (She also didn't want to pay for another guinea pig. ^_^;) So he joined his brother Puff in some non-feeding boy's room.