Guinea Garden

Buba got bumblefoot one summer, 1999. I think he got it from his cage. It was made of plastic, not metal, but he chewed through it on the edge. grr. So there were these rough edges, and I think he cut himself on them when he stood up on the edge asking for food. Although, that would really only account for one foot. I don't really know. Unless it took me a lot longer to notice his feet than I thought. (Bad owner!)

Well, bumblefoot isn't fatal or anything. It's just very painful for the guinea pig. My mom and I took Buba to the vet's and he (or she, I don't really remember the visit o_o;;) gave us a cream and told us that three times a day, we'd have to wash his feet with boring soap (unscented, not antibacterial, etc.) and then put the cream on his feet. So we did it.

We even took him along on our trip to Yosemite that summer, because I didn't want to stop treating him, and we didn't want to bother my grandparents with it. And he didn't die for the next six or so months. ^^;

last modified 18 Jan, 2003