Blue Book, a collection of quotes, page two of poems

~Things I'd Do~
by: The People's Jedi
There are so many things
That I'd do for you.
I'd lie for you,
And try for you,
I'd give my life,
And die for you.
I'd sell my soul,
So yours could be free,
I'd do whatever you want
And ask nothing for me.
I'd go where you are,
Never being too far.
I'd stay by your side,
All day and all night,
And with things got real bad,
I'd make them all right.
I'd kiss you and hold you,
And be strong when you're weak,
When you need reassurance,
I'm the one you should seek.
But there's one thing that I'd
Make sure not to do,
And that's leave without saying
That I love you.

~I don't know if you noticed~
by: The People's Jedi
I don't know if you noticed,
But we don't talk much anymore.
You're always gone or busy,
And that hurts me to the core.

I don't know if you noticed,
But our history does repeat.
We've missed out on many good times,
And I'm almost afraid to meet.

I don't know if you noticed,
But we aren't doing so well.
We fight now more than ever,
And it's putting me through hell.

I don't know if you noticed,
But things aren't like they used to be.
It's just so very frustrating,
How you cannot see.

I don't know if you noticed,
But —, you're losing me.

Don't throw me over a cliff
by: The People's Jedi
Sometimes you say things
And they make me think you don't want me.
Sometimes you say things
And they make me think you don't love me.
Sometimes I feel like
You blindfold me
And then throw me off a cliff,
Without telling me
If there's water at the bottom.
— don't throw me off a cliff
One fall will kill me.

by: Melissa Collette
bottled up inside
are the words I never said
the feelings that I hide
the lines I never read

you see it in my eyes
read it on my face
trapped inside are lies
of the past I can't replace

with memories that linger—
won't seem to go away
why can't I be happier
today's a brand new day

yesterdays are over
even though the hurting's not
nothing lasts forever
I must cherish what I've got

don't take my love for granted
for soon it will be gone—
all you ever wanted
of the love you thought you'd won

the hurt I'm feeling now
won't disappear overnight
but someday somehow
everything will turn out right

no more wishing for the past
it wasn't meant to be
it didn't last forever
so I have to set him free!