Welcome to, my old homebase on the internet. Here you'll find links to my websites hosted on this domain. Take a look, have fun, but if you break it you buy it.

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3 Sep 19: added new quotes to Blue Book

1 May 13: added new quotes to Blue Book

31 May 12: added The Submarines' "Love Notes / Letter Bombs" album lyrics to lxl

30 Oct, 2011: new quotes at Blue Book

27 Oct, 2008: added lyrics for Maria Mena's latest albums to lxl

18 May, 2008: new layout! yay!

3 April, 2008: Guinea Garden revamp complete

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Layout comes from a doodle, and from images drawn for my Art 131 journal. No stealing. :), or Inconsistent Angel Things as it used to be called (and can still be ... I'm just usually too lazy to type out the whole thing), is my so-called collective. It was conceived in July 2001, and more can be found on IAT's (as this site may also be referred to) history.

The domain name was registered on March 2, 2002.

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